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connecting steps between a computer program and a mechanical devi...
Sorry, I misstyping...It should be 600 USD more or less... rgd...
Posted 08/29/03 21:53 PST
connecting steps between a computer program and a mechanical devi...
There are available on the market a small PLC that can be used at...
Posted 08/29/03 21:46 PST
Dear Michael, I don't know what you mean about dry subject. Bu...
Posted 09/05/02 20:29 PST
Safety Valves : Relief Valves
Dear smog, I agree with mr Mbeychok. Mechanically in appear...
Posted 06/13/02 18:50 PST
flow measurement
For an easy calculation, we can use the bernoully equation, so we...
Posted 03/03/02 17:49 PST
Try this site : hope w...
Posted 10/18/01 18:07 PST
Such as check-valve, flow-switch (this something that must be put...
Posted 10/09/01 18:35 PST
term explanation
Dear,.. I used to use a book that really practical to me, whic...
Posted 10/07/01 18:06 PST
Deepest symphaty for all U.S citizen
For what happened yesterday in U.S. Pls take my deepest sympha...
Posted 09/11/01 19:52 PST
where to find a miniature clutch
There is something missing here, that you don't mention how small...
Posted 08/19/01 19:58 PST
Connecting centrifugal fans in series
For affectively work, the second fan must be exactly the same typ...
Posted 07/31/01 18:23 PST
Air flow thru pipes
Dear Mr, It is maybe you should check on the method of how to ...
Posted 07/31/01 18:14 PST
Try this interesting information about entropy at this link : ...
Posted 07/17/01 20:32 PST
Pressure tank in hydrant instalation
Dear all, Please correct me if I'am wrong, the purpose of usin...
Posted 07/17/01 19:01 PST
How about ...something called a posibility.. This world is ful...
Posted 07/15/01 20:53 PST
final year project in Mechanical Engineering
There is a very wide of mechanical engineering things...and you a...
Posted 07/12/01 18:05 PST
confusing pressure velocity concepts
I agree with mr I think this forum being made for ...
Posted 06/29/01 00:23 PST
Dear, Try goggle for searching with key words automobile, hundre...
Posted 06/28/01 00:58 PST
amazing pragmatic and childish doubt
Dear Mr Akumalla, Maybe if you could just spend your time to fin...
Posted 06/26/01 19:00 PST
heat transfer
Maybe you can got to th...
Posted 06/25/01 18:06 PST
PM (preventive maintenance) schedules
Dear Mr Marks, There is a very wide understanding for somethin...
Posted 06/25/01 17:58 PST
Air Conditioning - Calculations.
Dear... I guess mr Mbeychok is right. All I know is this knowl...
Posted 06/18/01 17:54 PST
Dear Mr, Maybe you can go to :
Posted 06/06/01 18:16 PST
Pump curves
Dear Mr, one pump curves is only specific for one type of pump...
Posted 06/06/01 18:07 PST
I have ever post in this forum a similar discussion, here I put t...
Posted 05/28/01 18:22 PST
Impact Test
From what I know, it is not about the advantage and disatvantage,...
Posted 05/15/01 23:49 PST
Dear mr, similar with prev post, I think it is simply a matter of...
Posted 05/01/01 18:15 PST
Waterfall Dynamics
Dear mr, How about this idea... Water is like other solid m...
Posted 04/26/01 20:59 PST
disc brakes
dear, try this site :
Posted 04/22/01 18:08 PST
How to find out specifications of bearing
Dear sir, you can ask for a catalogue at your local SKF or FAG...
Posted 04/10/01 19:23 PST
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