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Expansion / Contraction of Ice
I think you meant to reply to Acroduster1, even if I doubt that h...
Posted 08/19/05 09:07 PST
Expansion / Contraction of Ice
Acroduster1, it seems to be true that the density of ice never re...
Posted 08/19/05 02:57 PST
Alternate Steel Grade for Aluminium Casting.
I may be far out here, since I'm not a mechanical engineer... but...
Posted 08/16/05 12:40 PST
material specification
Try this one:
Posted 08/16/05 10:26 PST
Ansys Electrical Steady State Current Simulation
Well, I haven't worked with any Ansys software, so I can't give y...
Posted 08/16/05 10:23 PST
Ansys Electrical Steady State Current Simulation
Well, both figures show potential falls concentrated at the nodes...
Posted 08/15/05 09:24 PST
Ansys Electrical Steady State Current Simulation
Since I don't have the plot, I can't comment on whether it's plau...
Posted 08/14/05 10:32 PST
You didn't give up after all. The company you describe seems to b...
Posted 07/05/03 13:16 PST
"You simply don't understand anything I said" Maybe that is co...
Posted 07/05/03 13:05 PST
Basically, you are saying that there is some higher cause/truth t...
Posted 07/05/03 11:34 PST
The experiments you are refering to doesn't violate relativity. N...
Posted 07/05/03 07:28 PST
Angular Momentum Impact Force Calculation
Toddimus: I've been trying to understand what you mean here. Y...
Posted 10/25/02 05:39 PST
FMI pumps
If I understand you correctly, you want to keep the flowrate cons...
Posted 10/20/02 11:36 PST
vhf and uhf
Try this great link site: Radio Electronics Page
Posted 05/18/02 15:03 PST
Cell phone antenna boosters
Yep, I agree that using the argument "The boosters can't work, be...
Posted 05/15/02 03:48 PST
Cell phone antenna boosters
Socowolf: A lot of people have got pretty rich on people's ten...
Posted 05/14/02 02:42 PST
I wanna beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, .....
Why do you keep flooding this messageboard with stuff like this? ...
Posted 04/26/02 05:06 PST
Evaporation Rate of Water
Hmm.. I mixed the terms "liquid" and "water". The equation I link...
Posted 04/25/02 19:26 PST
Evaporation Rate of Water
Hmm.. yeah, every theory that doesn't contain the relative humidi...
Posted 04/25/02 19:21 PST
Gasoline Combustion Emissions
Well, the air resistance is proportional to the square of the spe...
Posted 04/25/02 08:10 PST
Polynomial curve distance
Nope, the area under the curve y=f(x), between x1 and x2, is sim...
Posted 04/24/02 17:53 PST
ServoMotor Tuning
My textbook on control theory mentions a method called Ziegler-Ni...
Posted 04/20/02 07:09 PST
Polynomial curve distance
Let INT(f(x)dx, x1,x2) denote the integral of f(x) from x1 to x2....
Posted 04/11/02 16:54 PST
Household Energy
The typical current in the neutral wire from a particular one-pha...
Posted 04/08/02 03:00 PST
Where do I go if.....
What's wrong with this one?
Posted 04/03/02 06:10 PST
Speaker driven by 2 sources
What you need is an audio signal mixer. You mix the signals first...
Posted 03/28/02 23:53 PST
Household Energy
Sqbadyvr already has answered your question, however I'll add som...
Posted 03/28/02 18:59 PST
Household Energy
I just would like to add something here. You wrote "For sinu...
Posted 03/27/02 05:58 PST
Window winding mechanism
I've been taking numerous car doors apart, so I should really be ...
Posted 12/06/00 17:50 PST
variances of data sets
My statistics is a bit rusty, but I'm not quite sure what you mea...
Posted 12/06/00 17:22 PST
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