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screw is at full scale?
With respect Calhoun,Information rather than frustration.  T...
Posted 12/22/05 19:57 PST
Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuit
With respect, luke sim, Dougal Knows the answer. This is capital...
Posted 11/07/05 13:02 PST
theory of minimum potential energy
Respectfully Chandran, Would request a little more information ...
Posted 10/12/05 19:03 PST
density of bone by archimedes' principle
I was not attempting to be disrespectfull to the arguement at han...
Posted 10/03/05 19:59 PST
density of bone by archimedes' principle
Archimedes's principle is the full understanding of arithmetic ph...
Posted 10/02/05 17:21 PST

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