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compound gauge
The compound gages I am familiar with would have two pressure fit...
Posted 11/26/01 12:38 PST
best self lubricating Material for Bush used in Gasoline Dis...
A couple of additional materials you may wish to evaluate are: ...
Posted 07/18/01 11:38 PST
way to extract a nail from a piece of wood
I gather from the messages below that part of the problem you are...
Posted 06/19/01 13:51 PST
cavitation corrosion
Cavitation is the formation and sudden collapse of low pressure b...
Posted 06/14/01 14:17 PST
Two references named in the "Standard Handbook of Engineering Cal...
Posted 06/08/01 13:50 PST
Tractor-Camber angle
If you are speaking of a "tricycle" geared tractor, the reason fo...
Posted 05/31/01 15:19 PST
Broken Gear Box
I would very closely check on the alignment of the motor shaft to...
Posted 05/31/01 14:29 PST
The magazines "Machine Design" and "Design News" both do an annua...
Posted 05/31/01 14:19 PST
Tractor back wheel
In order to transmit a great deal of horsepower to the ground, wh...
Posted 05/17/01 11:22 PST
First, compute the air volume required for your engine. displace...
Posted 05/03/01 16:20 PST
Clevis Pins
Clevis pins are addressed in Machinery's Handbook. The Standard ...
Posted 05/02/01 08:24 PST
ratchet mechanisms
richard2: You might wish to check out "Stock Drive Products" u...
Posted 04/23/01 14:54 PST
two-stroke radial engine design
Don't be discouraged, most of the locomotive engines are mechani...
Posted 03/20/01 13:42 PST

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