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release of a suction cup in a confined area
I have a situation where I have a suction cup attached to a part ...
Posted 04/27/06 12:23 PST
Button Locking Mechanism
I have a space constraining problem.  I need to lock a rod g...
Posted 03/28/06 13:04 PST
ME-92 coating over furnace braizing
Does anyone know if you can ME-92 coat over furnace braizing? Th...
Posted 03/22/02 06:52 PST
Fusion welding symbol
I have searched with no success on the symbol for fusion welding....
Posted 03/04/02 08:32 PST
Ink pen retracting mechanism
Can anyone help me with how the ink pen retracting mechanism work...
Posted 10/24/01 13:10 PST
C1035 Steel Biocompatibility
Are particles of C1035 biocompatible with the human body? Not as...
Posted 01/15/01 10:59 PST
pipe cutter blade detail
I am looking for detailed information on the pipe cutter blades. ...
Posted 06/14/00 14:03 PST

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