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why engineering?
What interested me in the field? I can echo some of the comments ...
Posted 09/10/01 14:28 PST
Bend allowances database
I can only suggest Machinery's Handbook. Don't know if it will be...
Posted 09/06/01 06:36 PST
Need 'canned' complete definition of Form Fit Function vs. Rev co...
Andy, Don't have a document for you to reference. We have our ...
Posted 04/30/01 07:07 PST
research info on thread "UNS"
See ANSI, ASME or Machinery's Handbook for all the thread info. y...
Posted 04/18/01 10:11 PST
unified Screw
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and American Society...
Posted 04/18/01 10:03 PST
Polymer Properties and the test procedure to measure them.
dr. Funda, As a person new to the use of plastics, I am findin...
Posted 01/02/01 10:18 PST

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