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Basic Information
UserName: rorschach
Name: Stan Burton
Location: Spring, Texas
Occupation Mechanical/Electromechanical Designer
Specialty: currently involved with ROV design
Profile Summary
I am a Mech/Electromech Designer with 15 years exp. in multiple disciplines including Downhole oil tools & Industrial computers and automation. I currently design ROV's and equip. I am an information junkie and I find material science fascinating.
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Magnetism not desired while modifying a stainless steel rod
this is especially common in low alloy stainlesses such as 301 or...
Posted 10/27/10 13:58 PST
gearbox and chain drive efficiency
De Nada
Posted 10/27/10 13:42 PST
gearbox and chain drive efficiency
We were using a Brevini box and #180 chain, but Bonfiglioli were ...
Posted 10/27/10 13:28 PST
Window for pressurized chamber made from laminated glass?
I would agree that you should be using laminated safety glass (ba...
Posted 10/27/10 13:01 PST
gearbox and chain drive efficiency
We eventually did run into issues that prevented maximum power tr...
Posted 10/27/10 12:45 PST
Soldering Iron tip
Most tips are copper with an Iron or nickel plating. but a copper...
Posted 09/20/06 13:06 PST
How Big a Dish do I need?
Why build when you can buy ultra high gain Yagi's?http://www.ante...
Posted 09/20/06 12:45 PST
How Big a Dish do I need?
crackerjack. you don't need an antenna amp. a parabolic dish is p...
Posted 09/20/06 12:36 PST
Machining finish question.
Using a good quality CNC lathe machining a paraboloid, (section o...
Posted 08/09/06 12:53 PST
Unique thread call out 4-36 UNS
4-36 is nonstandard you're unlikely to be able to find gauges, ta...
Posted 08/01/06 13:25 PST
mag particle on aluminum is not possible, but eddy current may be...
Posted 07/06/06 11:13 PST
Removing moisture from closed-loop system
would passing the air through a fluidized bed of Silica Gel dessi...
Posted 06/29/06 11:42 PST
hardness vs. yield strength
not to mention that differences in quenching can result in very l...
Posted 06/20/06 08:35 PST
Proper drawing material specification for steel
a follow up example of how a company standard for materials can b...
Posted 06/20/06 08:32 PST
Solidworks version problem
Directly, no you cannot save a solidworks file to an earlier vers...
Posted 06/19/06 14:33 PST
Proper drawing material specification for steel
Like all things, that depends... if the strength or heat tre...
Posted 06/19/06 14:20 PST
A recuperator for Helium? The only application I can think of tha...
Posted 05/22/06 13:18 PST
Heat treatement of 4140 Alloy steel to 45 Rockwell "C" (Rc)
Is the requirement of high hardness for strength or for surface h...
Posted 05/22/06 13:15 PST
how can weldding glass to iron ?
Gerdb, Sorry, wrong answer. If you are talking about glass to met...
Posted 05/22/06 13:09 PST
Drawing Problem
My position, depending on the type of deviation we are talking ab...
Posted 05/08/06 08:47 PST
release of a suction cup in a confined area
there are suction cups that are sold with just such an airline fi...
Posted 04/28/06 09:13 PST
drilling delrin
Gerdb, is it possible to drill from each side of the part? I'd tr...
Posted 04/26/06 07:25 PST
You have not provided enough information. The geometry is going t...
Posted 04/21/06 12:27 PST
why are high steel carbon,also called tool steelsw
High carbon steels (some with up to 1% carbon) are known as tool ...
Posted 04/21/06 07:14 PST
Spike is right, Aluminum is known as a reactive/passive metal. Me...
Posted 04/21/06 07:06 PST
Switching from steel to aluminium?
I'm not familiar with the steel you mentioned so I'm not sure how...
Posted 04/21/06 06:57 PST
relation between different hardness units
I will add that the conversion tables are empirical and are based...
Posted 04/19/06 13:40 PST
COTS Vibration Testing
Cessna is right, there is a little bit of the black arts in the p...
Posted 04/19/06 13:35 PST
Switching from steel to aluminium?
Which property is important to your application? Strength? Hardne...
Posted 04/19/06 13:29 PST
Airflow / pressure question
Ah but I believe the operative phrase is "if you keep the te...
Posted 04/19/06 13:20 PST
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