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Basic Information
UserName: rstone
Name: RStone
Location: Tennessee
Occupation Mechnical Eng
Specialty: Bus, Truck, Offroad Applications
Profile Summary
Theres nothing like taking an idea and seeing it come to life and watching the assembly line build your product. I am a firm believer in designing for manufacturability.
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H E S Material
Has anyone heard of an HES Material other than that utilized in t...
Posted 03/17/10 11:35 PST
Thinwall tube formed threads
There are many standards concerning your question ie.. FMVSS, ISO...
Posted 08/24/09 06:27 PST
Clearance calculation
I feel this is a compounded problem caused by the lack of knowled...
Posted 08/17/09 06:29 PST
Nitride Surface Finish
Can someone tell me what type of surface finish I will get if I n...
Posted 07/10/09 11:40 PST
Memory System for Hydraulics
I have a need for a memory sytem to return a hydraulic activated ...
Posted 12/13/06 09:16 PST
aluminium chromating - reg
Sur Tec also has various numerical designations, as gearloos...
Posted 03/13/06 08:02 PST
Heat Testing Process
I am starting a program to determine which products are inferior ...
Posted 02/09/06 05:44 PST
Seat Belts Tearing
FMVSS also has specifications listed as to how the belts should b...
Posted 02/07/06 05:41 PST
Wiring of Fog Lights
Thanks, will try that soon. Best regads;RStone
Posted 12/12/05 10:06 PST
Wiring of Fog Lights
Frustration sets in when an engineer, (Slept through EE 101), can...
Posted 12/12/05 05:15 PST
Question, converting 347V to 120V, what do I need?
Here is a link that would help you as well --http://www.iotaengin...
Posted 04/27/05 07:08 PST
Question, converting 347V to 120V, what do I need?
You really have a couple of problems to concider here. 1... a>3...
Posted 04/27/05 06:46 PST
3D Analysing casting of iron product
You can use IDEA's (SDRC) or look for an afordable flow analysi...
Posted 04/19/05 10:08 PST
Quality: -- Calculating Sigma from Mean and Std Deviations
Its been awhile since I've had to do any of these but could someo...
Posted 03/18/05 09:44 PST
Material Hardness Spec - R15/N80-90
Thats basically what we came up with as well. Thank you so much f...
Posted 10/27/04 10:08 PST
Material Hardness Spec - R15/N80-90
I have came upon a drawing that has a Heat Treat note that states...
Posted 10/27/04 08:40 PST
Efunda, I have an idea for you guys.
Very good couple a cents indeed.... I have gathered so many sprea...
Posted 05/26/04 05:41 PST
Efunda, I have an idea for you guys.
Travis; Don't think these guys are coming down too hard on yo...
Posted 05/25/04 13:32 PST
mechanical fluids
Need a lot more information here.
Posted 02/19/04 06:11 PST
bearings and direction of load
All reply's are correct. Seems to me there may be an application ...
Posted 02/19/04 06:10 PST
Hand (Force)
There is an ergonomic rule section of FMVSS called the 95th Perce...
Posted 02/02/04 11:43 PST
Paint for Plastic? Thats a site for ...
Posted 01/28/04 10:03 PST
Motor and Bearing Bases
I use to design pumps for weinman pumps in Arkansas. We utilized ...
Posted 01/22/04 05:18 PST
brightness of stars in space <-- Shows man...
Posted 01/14/04 04:45 PST
what is NASA doing about the space shuttle ?
I do deffinitely agree about the lack of a repair depot... I thin...
Posted 01/13/04 09:16 PST
what is NASA doing about the space shuttle ?
Just a few more tid bits of information on the ISS…. The const...
Posted 01/13/04 06:16 PST
what is NASA doing about the space shuttle ?
Gerdb… I thought this to be an excellent question when I firs...
Posted 01/13/04 05:41 PST
allowable stresses for shaft materials
In the Machinery's handbook on Design of Transmission Shafting th...
Posted 01/08/04 07:20 PST
allowable stresses for shaft materials
You state that the forces of the keyways rotate with the shaft. B...
Posted 01/08/04 05:33 PST
Nickel Plating
Alumin Alloy's 7075/6061/2024 -- You must make sure you cover the...
Posted 01/06/04 05:35 PST
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