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Basic Information
UserName: sbrncic
Name: Steven Brncic
Location: St. Louis, MO 63025
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Specialty: Product Design, FEA, Machine Design
Profile Summary
I have 7 years experience in new product development of medical devices and industrial devices. I have advanced certification in SolidWorks and Pro/E solid modeling software.
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Posts by sbrncic
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Key and Keyway Standard
I am designing a keyway in a shaft/hub in SI units.  I am se...
Posted 12/06/13 09:10 PST
Gear Design Software
I am researching gear design software, we have a need to design a...
Posted 08/21/13 07:51 PST
Grinding Forces
Are you saying there is no "rule of thumb" or equation to pr...
Posted 11/25/09 05:23 PST
Grinding Forces
How would one calculate the forces imposed by a grinding wheel on...
Posted 11/24/09 08:23 PST
Limits of fit for dowel pin (m6 tol grade)
I am looking for the limits of a 1.5mm diameter S.Steel dowel pin...
Posted 11/02/09 13:07 PST
Professional Licensure Preparation (PE Exam)
I am planning to take the Mechanical PE exam next spring.  D...
Posted 09/07/06 07:18 PST
helicopter rotors
I took a class in my masters program called "Analysis of Rotary W...
Posted 10/31/05 15:43 PST
Rotary and Linear Motion Sealing Application
Does anyone know of a seal manufacturer who can provide a seal fo...
Posted 06/15/05 12:04 PST
3D Equilibrium Software
Does anyone know of software package that solves 3D equilibrium (...
Posted 02/25/05 09:04 PST
Solidworks 2005 Questions
SW 2005 is loaded with bugs. If you are subscribed as a maintena...
Posted 02/01/05 10:58 PST
I just received some parts from a local machinist. I had him tak...
Posted 01/25/05 14:53 PST
stress versus strain
Of what material? What is it you need with the curves? If all y...
Posted 11/04/04 14:18 PST
Shaft Grounding
I am working on a ultrasound medical device. The device has a 0....
Posted 10/05/04 08:14 PST
Shaft Straightness
Can anyone give me an acceptable straightness tolerance for a 304...
Posted 09/14/04 11:46 PST
Attached is a link: ...
Posted 08/11/04 07:08 PST
Material Properties
Can anyone recommend a book(s) containing mechanical properties (...
Posted 06/04/04 12:21 PST
Integral of cot^2(x), the method.
Thank you, sorry about that.
Posted 12/10/03 06:58 PST
Integral of cot^2(x), the method.
All I can tell you is that the Trig identity: cot^2(x) = csc^2...
Posted 12/09/03 12:18 PST
Ball Joint Design
It has been awhile since we last discussed this issue, but I have...
Posted 07/09/03 12:03 PST
Ball Reverser Screw
Does anyone have any information about ball reverser screws? I...
Posted 05/20/03 13:33 PST
Ball Joint Design
Yes and no. Here is my logic: A larger ball would have fricti...
Posted 05/08/03 14:50 PST
Ball Joint Design
Sorry for the limited specifications. Let me put it this way, th...
Posted 05/08/03 13:13 PST
Ball Joint Design
I need help on a ball and socket design. What is a good combinat...
Posted 05/01/03 08:39 PST
Grip Strength in an average human hand
Does anyone know the average grip strength of a human? I am tryi...
Posted 04/15/03 13:49 PST

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