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Basic Information
UserName: schultheis
Name: Steve Schultheis
Location: Houston Texas
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Specialty: Rotating machinery/ vibration
Profile Summary
No profile summary on file.

Posts by schultheis
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Frustrated Student
There are lots of opportunities, in a wide range of fields to cho...
Posted 04/30/02 04:31 PST
Triple Point of Methanol and Ammonia
Go to the NIST web site. There is data on all types of materials ...
Posted 03/12/02 04:18 PST
Explain to a 10 Year old what a Mega Watt is.
I have 5 kids myself, one of which is a 9 1/2 year old daughter w...
Posted 06/19/01 10:18 PST
Explain to a 10 Year old what a Mega Watt is.
I would explain it like this, a watt is a measure of how much pow...
Posted 06/19/01 05:00 PST
Pump bhp
After re-reading your post I realize that I didn? really answer i...
Posted 06/14/01 06:01 PST
Pump bhp
The brake horsepower equation is BHP= (QxHxSG)/(3960xeff) where Q...
Posted 06/14/01 05:22 PST

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