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Basic Information
UserName: scn
Name: Sharad Narayan
Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Occupation Project Engineer
Profile Summary
Chemical Engineer, UCB. Experience in aerosol physics and breakup, ultrasonics, some materials science. Experimentalist. Project management experience.

Posts by scn
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Shaving cream/gel chemistry
Does anyone know how shaving cream/gel dispensers work? I know t...
Posted 11/06/00 16:46 PST
Etching palladium
Gearloose: Many thanks. These match up with another source I ...
Posted 06/19/00 08:31 PST
Corrosion between aluminum and copper
If you have metal to metal contact at the interface, and if the w...
Posted 06/16/00 15:21 PST
Etching palladium
I'm trying to find a way to etch metallographic samples of pallad...
Posted 06/16/00 15:06 PST
Gamma stabilized polymers
I understand that gamma stabilization is an option on some polyme...
Posted 05/16/00 12:35 PST
Toroid definition
Dr. Funda, After searching your site, I find that perhaps addi...
Posted 01/30/00 19:05 PST
Noble metal adhesives
All, Is anyone familiar with any adhesives that are commonly u...
Posted 01/06/00 15:41 PST

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