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Basic Information
UserName: sdoughty11
Name: Dr. Samuel Doughty, P.E.
Location: USA
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Specialty: kinematics, dynamics of machines, vibrations, torsional vibrations, machine design
Profile Summary
My specialties are in applied mechanics and mathematics, particularly kinematics, dynamics of machines, vibrations, and the design of machine elements. I also write original computer solutions.
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Can mating gears be of different pressure angles
Actually, these gears will work in a theoretical sense (although ...
Posted 10/21/09 19:39 PST
Basic Flow Rate Question
Carlos, do you really think that less water comes out of the top ...
Posted 03/23/09 14:04 PST
Where to find cheap worm gear speed reducers?
Look for a over-sized unit taken out of a used machine somewhat t...
Posted 03/23/09 14:00 PST
It is so much easier to answer a question when there is a little ...
Posted 03/23/09 13:58 PST
Was that a question or a heading? -- Dr.D
Posted 03/23/09 13:55 PST
Connecting Rod
I have also seen them entirely machined. -- Dr.D
Posted 03/21/09 17:09 PST
Drive torque calculation
I may be able to help you if you would like to contact me directl...
Posted 03/05/09 15:24 PST
Best bearing for bending loads on turntable?
Presumably the tapered roller bearing is there to take all of the...
Posted 02/14/09 18:00 PST
what weight is my I W beam rated for?
Your question is too vague to be answered. The strength of a beam...
Posted 02/02/09 11:45 PST
Design Toggle Jack
Will there be anything else, Massah?
Posted 01/21/09 09:48 PST
Eliminating Low Frequency Resonance in Motor Test Rig
As I recall it, all that will be required to plug the motor is to...
Posted 01/03/09 20:13 PST
Eliminating Low Frequency Resonance in Motor Test Rig
How about a mechanical brake to stop the rotor quickly? Or is is ...
Posted 01/02/09 20:19 PST
pneumatic test
Go talk to an engineer. -- Dr.D
Posted 12/29/08 20:26 PST
seismic load
The seismic event causes the old building to shake. Ask a st...
Posted 12/06/08 17:59 PST
continuity of summations
Suppose that g(x) were defined by a finite summation, rather than...
Posted 11/29/08 19:36 PST
Stress singularity
Considering that you have said nothing about the nature of the lo...
Posted 11/21/08 19:01 PST
You might be interested in my book Mechanics of Machines that is ...
Posted 11/04/08 12:58 PST
Pounds Force of a dropped weight???
This problem cannot be solved by conservation of energy because e...
Posted 11/04/08 12:53 PST
RPM to Gear ratio
You have a very poorly posed problem indicating that you really d...
Posted 10/14/08 19:24 PST
poisson's ratio
Fluids do not exhibit the cross coupling that is described by Poi...
Posted 10/04/08 18:23 PST
what size air cylinder needed?
It is hard to answer definitively, but we can look at some aspect...
Posted 09/13/08 15:03 PST
what size air cylinder needed?
It is hard to answer definitively, but we can look at some aspect...
Posted 09/13/08 15:03 PST
outside diameter of flanges
The place where I can see it possibly makeing a difference is in ...
Posted 08/23/08 19:44 PST
Impact on bearings at the intermediate shaft due to wearing of be...
This is hard to answer in detail without knowing your exact geome...
Posted 08/03/08 16:07 PST
making a sphere from a flat material
It is not entirely evident that these edges are truly circular, b...
Posted 07/13/08 16:19 PST
Sagging moment
If Dave is pointing in the right direction, and that sounds as go...
Posted 07/11/08 20:23 PST
Formula for Flow Rate
Flow rate (furlong^3/lunar phase) = 2*Pi*Pressure(pennyweight/sq ...
Posted 06/18/08 19:51 PST
This looks like an ad. -- Dr.D
Posted 06/16/08 19:32 PST
Go read a book. There have been countless excellent books written...
Posted 06/08/08 04:54 PST
Reducing number of holes (bolts)
In principle, you could reduce the number of bolts to three, but ...
Posted 06/03/08 18:32 PST
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