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Pressing Ceramics - Punches and Dies
Does anyone know of any standard calculations for working out rel...
Posted 04/27/06 03:47 PST
Hello there, I am trying to find a manufacturer of polymesh pa...
Posted 07/09/04 06:23 PST
Fibreless surface
Hello there, Does anyone out there know of any papers or filte...
Posted 07/09/04 00:00 PST
What plastic should I use? Advice wanted!
Hi there, have you thought of using a material called Tufnol. Th...
Posted 07/06/04 12:37 PST
Filter Paper for spraying unit
I require help in finding suitable paper for a special viscosity ...
Posted 05/24/04 03:45 PST
Ice Chucks and coolants
I am keen to follow up your idea of the cold air as a coolant. I...
Posted 04/30/04 07:33 PST
Ice Chucks and coolants
Hi there, I am currently undergoing a project whereby I would ...
Posted 04/29/04 14:28 PST

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