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Re: Safe disposal of Methanol
I have about 500ml 30% methanol mixture in water, which I want to...
Posted 04/13/00 09:51 PST
Relation between temperature and relative humidity
DR. Funda, I would like to have data on relation between tempera...
Posted 04/03/00 23:11 PST
How to design an automated system to measure flow rate of a gas ...
Dera Saket, A practical solution can be given to yiour prob. ma...
Posted 03/17/00 22:06 PST
Message no. 742
Sir, I refer to the mechnical constant values for water. The va...
Posted 03/17/00 09:47 PST
Measurement of Surface area & conductivity of zinc oxide
Sir, Is there any method for meas. of specific surface area of p...
Posted 03/16/00 23:18 PST
Matarial for 40mm pellet die.
Sir, I am interested in making a pellet of mineral powder at 40T...
Posted 03/16/00 23:11 PST
Ref: 420 Regarding viscisity data of water
Dr. Funda, I am unable to understand last but thisrd row of the ...
Posted 03/16/00 23:03 PST
Density and Viscosity of distilled water at atmos. pressure
Dear Sir, Could it be possible to get density and viscosity valu...
Posted 03/03/00 22:06 PST
Mechanical Properties
Viscosities of water at different temps (celcius) I would like t...
Posted 02/28/00 23:25 PST

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