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UserName: sluggishh
Name: Low
Location: HW
Occupation Student
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Heavy duty Tracks?
Sorry, I should have made myself clearer. Its Automated Storag...
Posted 05/15/03 07:27 PST
Heavy duty Tracks?
Hello, This is one of the axes of motion for an ASRS. The trac...
Posted 05/13/03 16:11 PST
Heavy duty Tracks?
hi rorschach, are they ready-to-order/off-the-shelf? i forg...
Posted 05/12/03 16:16 PST
Heavy duty Tracks?
hi all, can anyone help me with this? For a real application ...
Posted 05/12/03 09:41 PST
Stepper motor selection
Hi there. This is a practical application for my industrial ...
Posted 04/27/03 07:30 PST
Stepper motor selection
Hi there. Can anyone offer me help with this one? When choosing...
Posted 04/26/03 18:54 PST
How to select motors?
Thanks gerdb and rorschach! for your valuable comments... Hope ...
Posted 04/12/03 10:25 PST
How to select motors?
Hello gerdb! Pardon my ignorance.. What does CNC mean?
Posted 04/10/03 10:21 PST
How to select motors?
hi rorschach, Does 'gearbox' mean something like a 'gearhead'?...
Posted 04/10/03 10:19 PST
How to select motors?
Hello, I'm a student on attachment on a design project. Current...
Posted 04/09/03 09:54 PST
collision problem...
hihi!@ yup.. the moving object comes to a stop.. Head on collisi...
Posted 03/31/03 07:41 PST
collision problem...
Hello Neil, Ive got a qn: The equation D = W*L^3 / 3*E*I... Is...
Posted 03/29/03 21:00 PST
collision problem...
hi rolschwarz... Hmm..I've thought about dividing the change in ...
Posted 03/29/03 20:11 PST
collision problem...
yeah...kind of a school project. im actually an attachment studen...
Posted 03/29/03 20:04 PST
collision problem...
Pls help me with this: A constant velocity mass moves in a strai...
Posted 03/27/03 19:34 PST

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