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Fire Safe Valves
What are Fire Safe Valves? Where are they used? How do they diffe...
Posted 06/21/04 18:50 PST
Can pl. any one explain regarding requirement of ELCB or MCB for ...
Posted 05/11/04 04:54 PST
Surface Tension & Spreading Co-efficient
Can any one provide me definations on: 1. Surface Tension 2. ...
Posted 11/14/03 21:54 PST
The funda stand good. If the Mass is same then velocity will...
Posted 07/20/03 01:09 PST
Pressure Safety Vavle and Pressure Relief valve
I feel that PSV are installed on Static Equipments like Tanks, Pr...
Posted 06/03/03 00:43 PST
Pressure Safety Vavle and Pressure Relief valve
Can any one tell me the exact difference between a Pressure Safet...
Posted 06/02/03 21:16 PST
Non conductive materials
Thought of Porcelin or HDPE. But it all will depend on applicatio...
Posted 05/12/03 04:58 PST
Toxic and Flammable Gas detectors
I need a elaborative description regarding the principle of worki...
Posted 02/06/03 20:35 PST
Toxic and Flammable Gas detectors
I need to know the functional difference in working of a Spot & C...
Posted 02/03/03 23:05 PST
Hydrochloric Acid & Metals
Yes , He is General Manager (Works) of that Plant. But what d...
Posted 01/31/03 20:29 PST
Haunting Questions
What is a Cold Flame What is a Premixed Flame What is a Diffusi...
Posted 07/26/02 07:09 PST
Hydrochloric Acid & Metals
To All, I attended and interview on 28/06 and from that time I a...
Posted 06/29/02 06:32 PST
battery charger
what is bleedercircuit , its function and why it required in batt...
Posted 06/23/02 08:42 PST
motor winding
i have a motor which can be run with star delta starter. but unfo...
Posted 06/13/02 08:41 PST
Safety Valves : Relief Valves
What is functional difference between a Pressure Safety Valve & a...
Posted 06/13/02 05:53 PST
If I want to install street lights on roads which are used by a p...
Posted 06/07/02 23:15 PST
If I want to install street lights on roads which are used by a p...
Posted 06/07/02 23:15 PST
Austenetic Steel
Why this grade of Material is specially used in hydrogen service?
Posted 06/07/02 09:40 PST
Lightning Arrestors
On what parameters does a lightning arrestor operate? Does it o...
Posted 06/05/02 07:39 PST
Whats the difference between fire, flame and combustion? Whats t...
Posted 01/19/02 06:52 PST
Filling Ratio
Dear Dr. Funda & All Members, I would like a help from you. I wo...
Posted 11/24/01 04:27 PST
compound gauge
Dear Ganesh BAbu, What I know is Compound Gauges used in Fire ...
Posted 11/24/01 04:20 PST
Sir, We have installed Butterfly valves on 12" Fire Water system...
Posted 04/20/01 22:29 PST
Venturi Effect
Sir, Can you please explaain with an example how the venturi pri...
Posted 04/20/01 22:23 PST
Latent Heat
Sir, What is the Latent heat of Vapourisation when Liquid CO2 & ...
Posted 01/23/01 18:37 PST
Sir, Can you specify where to use Oil & where to use Grease as L...
Posted 01/23/01 18:30 PST
Sorry friend, P.S. even misfiring of one of the cylinders especi...
Posted 12/29/00 03:57 PST
May be one of the cylinders is not working properly & even this c...
Posted 12/29/00 03:51 PST
Spike, Can you elaborate it using a good equations and giving an...
Posted 10/30/00 22:49 PST
Posted 10/25/00 22:16 PST
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