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Determining maximum flowrate
The maxium flow rate will be the point at which the Ventrui effec...
Posted 04/24/07 09:16 PST
Calculate the total volume of water which will be added to the sy...
Posted 04/19/07 00:27 PST
fluid dynamics in espresso making
The 'puck' is essentialy a filter, it contains solids and air, th...
Posted 04/17/07 01:36 PST
Torque calculation
Sorry to be rude, but if that is a mystery to you then i think yo...
Posted 04/13/07 07:40 PST
As i gather it your running two engines connected to two fans, se...
Posted 04/13/07 04:07 PST
Torque calculation
your going to need data on several other factors before you can w...
Posted 04/13/07 03:57 PST
Marketing to Engineers
Well presuming a company makes more than one product i don't want...
Posted 03/21/07 00:24 PST
Marketing to Engineers
All of that stuff is importnat, they need to send engineers out t...
Posted 03/17/07 09:28 PST
dc motor used in electric motor
What is diffrent about the motor?-Is it lighter,-Higher torque, p...
Posted 03/06/07 03:52 PST
conversion of partial presure to ppm
the way to develop the equation you are after is-convert partial ...
Posted 02/28/07 08:27 PST
Cross Section Of Crane hook
They are all most the same , their are slight differences to do w...
Posted 02/01/07 00:24 PST
Inertia relief
you kind of need to provide some more context for the question!1I...
Posted 01/30/07 09:54 PST
coefficient of volume expansion of diesel fuel
You may find that both answers are correct, some where in the fin...
Posted 01/30/07 09:47 PST
Air Cannon velocity questions
Your going to have to do it the old fasioned way i suspect!!Their...
Posted 01/18/07 00:25 PST
Slef Locking/Breaking System for Centrifugal casting Machine
Generaly for this type of application we use two cylinders for re...
Posted 01/02/07 07:30 PST
Runout is basicaly to mesure how 'round' an object is, tim's expl...
Posted 12/12/06 00:34 PST
Questions regarding experiences with loctite & using 680 or 630 s...
If you really want the nut to stay on, weld it on!!Loctie product...
Posted 12/09/06 11:43 PST
Projectile velocity formula
i second the need for a rapid acting valve. The engineering geini...
Posted 12/09/06 11:37 PST
Pressure gauge
Depends what you mean by withstand. Your average Festo press...
Posted 12/07/06 07:57 PST
calculating principle stress planes
Because a lot of materials are not equaly strong in all direction...
Posted 12/07/06 00:55 PST
Gear Design
You need more information that that to start-input speed -input l...
Posted 11/30/06 07:56 PST
IC Engine Compression ratio
Vijay, For a high compression ratio, the volume of the head space...
Posted 11/17/06 05:01 PST
plastic injection mould design
why does it have to be Completly closed?see what can be done with...
Posted 11/17/06 02:19 PST
orifice plate.. plz reply a.s.a.p
do you understand what an orifce plate is?an orifice plate measur...
Posted 11/17/06 02:14 PST
IC Engine Compression ratio
cheif factors areOctane rating, lower octane requires lower compr...
Posted 11/17/06 02:07 PST
orifice plate.. plz reply a.s.a.p
it's possible but their are much better ways of doing it!If you h...
Posted 11/16/06 05:46 PST
Jigs and Fixtures are used anytime you want to ensure parts are a...
Posted 11/01/06 06:35 PST
Amonium Sulfide.
Theirs a reson their is that smell associated with the gas, it is...
Posted 10/26/06 03:10 PST
Energy created by heat exchanger?
'Even though every drop of condensate is re-introduced back into ...
Posted 10/25/06 04:12 PST
Energy created by heat exchanger?
COP, grab a book and look it up, this factor explains alot about ...
Posted 10/24/06 02:29 PST
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