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UserName: sqbadyvr
Location: Detroit
Occupation Engineer
Specialty: Climate Control Systems
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Relative costs
I am trying to locate some information--specifically, cost for My...
Posted 01/13/03 13:48 PST
Moving the plant/manufacturing area?
If you have the opportunity to redesign a line, it's a great plac...
Posted 01/13/03 13:46 PST
Stir welding
The Eclipse 500 ( does in fact use the te...
Posted 12/12/02 10:32 PST
Sheet plastic manufacturing
Is there a good primer available (preferably web-based) on how sh...
Posted 12/12/02 10:30 PST
I work in the auto industry. Much work is done in powertrain coo...
Posted 09/20/02 13:14 PST
Mechanical engineering research opportunities
Would recommend going to the university websites of 'good' engine...
Posted 08/29/02 05:57 PST
For one more reference, get a copy of Thomas Gillespie's book "Ve...
Posted 08/29/02 05:54 PST
Is Dell Workstation Reliable & Tough?
Would recommend putting it in a NEMA 12 (I think that's the right...
Posted 08/29/02 05:53 PST
Hydrogen compatible materials
I don't have any direct information, but for fuel cell related in...
Posted 08/13/02 08:20 PST
Aircraft engine power
I am looking at two different aircraft engines--one is a jet with...
Posted 07/31/02 11:00 PST
dielectric strength of air
Haven't got a perfect answer for you, but assuming non-condensing...
Posted 07/31/02 06:49 PST
Exhaust Manifold
To follow up on the prior posts: 1) Yes, usually...unless the...
Posted 07/31/02 06:32 PST
colour of chemical bottles
I've been told it filters the light to extend shelf life of photo...
Posted 07/23/02 08:38 PST
argon window marketing hoo-hah
Vacuum would be an improvement, but the "nature abhors a vacuum" ...
Posted 07/18/02 10:25 PST
battery charger
I believe it's to prevent overcharging the battery--especially im...
Posted 06/24/02 13:09 PST
Parking System
Consulting to do what?
Posted 06/24/02 13:07 PST
Nokia original FPS-8. Very good price.
Folks--this is not ebay. Please don't post items offering to sel...
Posted 06/18/02 12:04 PST
Please check my logic -- Spinning disk problem -- anybody out the...
The only flaw in the logic I see is that the drag on the disk is ...
Posted 06/06/02 12:04 PST
Fiber Optics
Check out
Posted 05/28/02 09:19 PST
Building a gyrocopter/ go -kart/ flying ike
To fly a homebuilt gyrocopter requires a couple of things. Fir...
Posted 05/21/02 10:23 PST
Career and School Advice
Free advice is generally worth what you pay for it, but here goes...
Posted 05/21/02 10:18 PST
Gearing down vs. gearing up
One thought is that in gearing up a high-torque motor, any variat...
Posted 05/21/02 10:12 PST
vibration of underwater structures
If I recall my generalized impedances correctly, you cannot neces...
Posted 05/08/02 07:21 PST
Basic go kart
Thoughts: 1) At basic go-carting speeds, aero drag is negligi...
Posted 05/02/02 09:32 PST
Frustrated Student
Eva: My initial advice is to find something you enjoy and spec...
Posted 04/29/02 13:48 PST
Tip a can
Since you're limited to stay inside the can, your choices are som...
Posted 04/29/02 13:45 PST
Is there any danger or physical damage if a tire is mounted insid...
Some tires are unidirectional--their tread pattern is designed to...
Posted 04/29/02 13:35 PST
Gasoline Combustion Emissions
As a rule of thumb, most of your power at highway speeds is used ...
Posted 04/25/02 08:28 PST
coefficient of drag
It is interesting to note that a sphere with a rough area (sandpa...
Posted 04/23/02 10:31 PST
High temperature glass/ceramics
Thanks much...will follow up on your advice.
Posted 04/17/02 08:14 PST
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