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Basic Information
UserName: taurusthetenacious
Name: Isljam Ljaljicic
Location: Astoria, NYC
Occupation Mechanical Engineering
Specialty: Design
Profile Summary
I am a 3rd year Mechanical engineering major at Stony Brook University. I want to do design and design for manufacturing. I like to see a project from start to finish. I like to design products to be very robust, reliable, and elegant.
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material used for suspension linkages
Steel. Aluminum. Depends on the loading configuration and the per...
Posted 02/20/13 13:15 PST
Retaining Ring to O-Ring
Hello All,          I'm ...
Posted 02/20/13 13:12 PST
If the hole is perpendicular to the shaft , it doesn't neccessari...
Posted 10/20/08 18:47 PST
i've got a dilemma trying to set up the tolerance for this hole t...
Posted 10/13/08 08:08 PST
Noisy extension spring
i'm not sure, this is a device i am reverse engineering for my ap...
Posted 11/22/07 10:32 PST
Noisy extension spring
The noise issue is with the spring vibrating while the structure ...
Posted 11/16/07 16:43 PST
Noisy extension spring
hey yall, I've got to figure out a way to make sure this hug...
Posted 11/16/07 14:08 PST
DC motor with potentiometer???
hello all, I need to figure out a way to get position sensing on ...
Posted 08/03/07 11:18 PST
Hey yall,          I...
Posted 07/31/07 11:31 PST
Sprocket Tensioner with 2 pulleys.
I'm a total newbie to design with roller chains, but I do have on...
Posted 07/17/07 11:48 PST
Sprocket Tensioner with 2 pulleys.
Hi all,I'm designing a roller chain drive that I need to have &nb...
Posted 07/17/07 05:19 PST
North Korea's Nuclear Weapon.
Well, they are within range of the n. korean missile. Given the f...
Posted 10/14/06 06:14 PST
High or low resonance
I dont know what that formula is. I'm a mechanical engineeri...
Posted 10/03/06 21:19 PST
Bracing I-beams - any ideas?
     I'm just a student, so dont do this unle...
Posted 09/20/06 17:29 PST
Soldering Iron tip
I know, my internship this summer was at a medical devices firm m...
Posted 08/26/06 22:37 PST
prospects of mechatronics in Pakistan
Good feild to go into, i've been plodding towards it myself this ...
Posted 08/26/06 15:25 PST
Soldering Iron tip
I had a soldering iron with a big tip that i ground down a bit fo...
Posted 08/26/06 15:14 PST
Drawing Problem
      I'm not very experienced, but curr...
Posted 05/05/06 01:16 PST
cooling rate of solid bar in air
this problem needs more information. we need the material, the dr...
Posted 04/27/06 06:17 PST
Machine Grouting
I'm curious what sort of machine we're mounting here. One of the ...
Posted 04/18/06 16:40 PST
why are high steel carbon,also called tool steelsw
For a minute there, i thought he might be talking about High Spee...
Posted 04/18/06 04:55 PST
Welding Rod
I'm no expert welder, but you need an electrode to make a spark(t...
Posted 04/17/06 04:53 PST
pitot tube??? but wouldnt you need a pressure transducer (which c...
Posted 04/17/06 04:49 PST
COTS Vibration Testing
I was once sitting in on a course on lasers in the physics depart...
Posted 04/15/06 00:20 PST
COTS Vibration Testing
I looked at the site, it looks like some interesting stuff, What ...
Posted 04/15/06 00:10 PST
spring speed vs inertia
I've encountered this problem in an advanced physics course ...
Posted 03/22/06 22:39 PST
Factor of Safety
        I dont like this generaliza...
Posted 03/22/06 20:46 PST
Buckling analysis
the only relatonship between the two of them is that they both de...
Posted 02/26/06 00:05 PST
helicopter rotors
Yes, Trimming, very cool topic, actually the first thing c...
Posted 11/02/05 18:41 PST
helicopter rotors
Well, in this case i'm working with a 20 inch diameter ro...
Posted 10/31/05 09:03 PST
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