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Basic Information
UserName: thoughttrain
Name: Tom Welsh
Location: Philadelphia
Occupation Inventor/ME/business owner
Specialty: creative solutions to tough problems
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Posts by thoughttrain
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Computers don't care about people.
I would hate to see a topic which is frothing with such passion f...
Posted 07/09/03 10:18 PST
Computers don't care about people.
OK, I can see I'm not going to get you to answer my question, so ...
Posted 07/09/03 09:05 PST
Computers don't care about people.
I hear your pain and have had like experiences. One in particula...
Posted 07/09/03 09:01 PST
Computers don't care about people.
OK, thanks for your reply, but my request has not been engaged. ...
Posted 07/07/03 15:35 PST
Computers don't care about people.
Good advice. Excercise has been a part of my life all along. Al...
Posted 07/07/03 15:19 PST
Computers don't care about people.
Trolling my friend. Just trolling. Actually, there is a serio...
Posted 07/07/03 15:02 PST
Computers don't care about people.
I would like to hear how people's lives have been negatively affe...
Posted 07/07/03 06:46 PST
Impact calculations? easy or not
Here would be my approach. machine the critical corner or other ...
Posted 07/03/03 14:21 PST
Fixtures idea finder
Invest in the real deal: "The Fundamentals of Tool Design". I ju...
Posted 07/03/03 14:12 PST
There is a book out titled, "The Next Big Thing in NanoTechnology...
Posted 07/02/03 10:56 PST
New member from Australia (seeking employment in the USA)
Hey, I happen to be an engineer in the US wishing I could get ...
Posted 07/02/03 10:50 PST
Spot Welding
Steel has a melting point around 2500 degrees F. So I would expe...
Posted 07/02/03 07:10 PST
We certainly are limited as a species. What we each believe is wh...
Posted 07/02/03 06:56 PST
Oh, we have a comedian. Imagination has been behind most scienti...
Posted 07/01/03 06:09 PST
O.K. I'm glad you filled in the blanks. Exactly, m can only be ...
Posted 07/01/03 06:03 PST
I am afraid I am far from a genius, as I would not be sitting her...
Posted 07/01/03 05:48 PST
The other day during a long drive I decided that all matter came ...
Posted 06/30/03 13:04 PST
Non conductive materials
Kapton by Dupont is a wonderful high temp plastic. It is used fo...
Posted 06/30/03 12:46 PST

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