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Basic Information
UserName: timkom
Name: mark t
Location: LA, CA
Occupation Metallurgist
Specialty: Titanium, failure analyses
Profile Summary
Worked for various titanium and laboratory related industries as an employee and consultant.

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What are the difference between a lockbolt and a regular bolt?
A lock bolt doesn't have threads, it uses grooves.  A smooth...
Posted 09/04/13 17:20 PST
1-14 UNF design specifications
You can try using Mil-S-8879 and calculating the pitch, major, mi...
Posted 10/18/11 18:57 PST
Calculating requirements for Titanium
I would not recommend the use of titianium for the push rod appli...
Posted 08/02/06 11:34 PST
Stray Current Corrosion and Reinforced Concrete
You are right to be concerned.  The microcracks in the concr...
Posted 03/16/06 09:57 PST
Questions regarding maximum yield stress for standard hardened st...
Yes, the hardening process will raise the yield strength when the...
Posted 03/06/06 13:04 PST
Questions regarding thread type and diameter for special case wit...
The best load carrying capacity of a thread will always be obtain...
Posted 01/17/06 16:41 PST
Plate deflecting under load and heat
Age hardening in 17-4 PH is similar to what happens with some alu...
Posted 10/31/05 13:02 PST
Plate deflecting under load and heat
The limiting factor in the permanent deflection of your stainless...
Posted 10/31/05 12:19 PST
heli coil or thread length
The thread length engagement of .46 vs .313 has no effect on loos...
Posted 08/29/05 14:50 PST
vessel under external pressure
Hydrostatic pressure (Stress) equals 2 times thickness times Yiel...
Posted 05/02/05 09:58 PST
vessel under external pressure
Hydrostatic pressure (Stress) equals 2 times thickness times Yiel...
Posted 05/02/05 09:55 PST
boron steel
Boron steel loses its hardness at 400-500F. Alloy steels can typ...
Posted 05/02/05 09:42 PST
You can use the UNF Go-No Go gage to check your UNJF parts. The ...
Posted 04/19/05 11:23 PST
Are you looking for dimensional information about UNC and UNF thr...
Posted 02/24/05 16:30 PST
Who hit whom?
Hope this helps. When a front whell drive car moves forward, the...
Posted 02/24/05 16:24 PST
Carbon content of steel and how it's properties are affected.
I would agree with Rorshach that carbon is not going to effect c...
Posted 02/04/05 10:27 PST
bolted joint design
Shear occurs at 60% of stress needed to fail the part across the ...
Posted 11/15/04 12:55 PST
removing fatigue from metal parts
Fatigue is caused by dislocation density building up to such a le...
Posted 09/29/04 17:27 PST
Looking for mil spec.
It's in the ASSIST database. Try WW-C-633 and I find rev D cance...
Posted 09/22/04 11:48 PST
The surface is how hard? The highest I have seen on steel is 105...
Posted 09/10/04 13:02 PST
removing mineral scale from aluminum
Try using acetic or nitric acids (stronger is better) to dissolve...
Posted 03/10/04 11:44 PST
how far away are we from developing a metal that has no mass?
Good one! It may have been Messerschmidt or Fokker. The section...
Posted 10/29/03 09:45 PST
how far away are we from developing a metal that has no mass?
I haven't heard of Roswell T-bars but assume it relates to the in...
Posted 10/29/03 09:34 PST
Rotating Beam Tensile vs. Alternating Bending Tensile Fatigue
The rotating beam has a very forgiving Kt factor unlike your air ...
Posted 10/16/03 15:24 PST
Mathematical Relationship Between Tensile, Yield and Hardness
The strength only goes up with cold work. If the wire is of a kn...
Posted 10/09/03 11:45 PST
HSLA steels
If the sub-sea tooling will be used in cold water, I would be ver...
Posted 09/19/03 15:32 PST
Identify Titanium alloy?
The distortion, I believe, is related to thermal conductivity but...
Posted 09/12/03 14:53 PST
Identify Titanium alloy?
You are correct. The strength is similar and the machinability i...
Posted 09/12/03 10:26 PST
Identify Titanium alloy?
Not so fast! EMS is the designation for Garrett Airesearch in Ph...
Posted 09/11/03 16:31 PST
Needing average of torque!
I tested various shaped screwdriver handles some years ago. My m...
Posted 08/15/03 16:13 PST
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