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Spike,Runout is not roundness... It's the relationship between 1&...
Posted 12/16/06 07:33 PST
Beam Loading Question
Well said!This is exactly what I was loking for as a response. I ...
Posted 12/14/06 20:45 PST
Beam Loading Question
Acroduster,My bad .... Let me try to clear things up. Here's my p...
Posted 12/14/06 20:35 PST
Beam Loading Question
2 posts not 2 beams 
Posted 12/14/06 20:07 PST
Beam Loading Question
Acroduster,1) There is a Wall directly above the Beam2) The ...
Posted 12/14/06 03:00 PST
Beam Loading Question
John:Currently there are 2 Beams in the 28 Foot Span (9 feet apar...
Posted 12/14/06 02:49 PST
Beam Loading Question
Dave:Thanks a lot for your response... I'm trying to avoid asking...
Posted 12/12/06 18:35 PST
Beam Loading Question
Sorry for my ignorance, buy what other details am I missing?Seems...
Posted 12/12/06 18:28 PST
Beam Loading Question
Thanks John for the reply... But, I'm confused about why these po...
Posted 12/12/06 18:23 PST
Drawing 304 Stainless wire from .215 to .200
cactus:You can probably buy a used wire drawing machine cheap... ...
Posted 12/11/06 19:02 PST
mechanical propertie of bolts
What was the Thread Length before and after the parts were machin...
Posted 12/11/06 18:53 PST
Geometrical Dimensioning and tolerancing
Purchase ANSI Y 14.5 and read it.Tim  
Posted 12/11/06 18:49 PST
Runout is a Geometric tolerance that relates two concentric ...
Posted 12/11/06 18:45 PST
Beam Loading Question
I am in the process of planning finishing my Basement. There is a...
Posted 12/10/06 19:42 PST

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