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E-Learning and Gears
Hi I am looking for engineers to try out a new E-Learning piece...
Posted 02/28/02 07:38 PST
Noice Reduction
To reduce noise is a constant battle. Many companies will use too...
Posted 01/25/02 15:00 PST
What is considered when designing the front suspension on a vehic...
A great Book to use is Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics by Thomas...
Posted 01/25/02 14:53 PST
cantilever vibrations
Try the Formulas for Natural Freqency and Mode Shape by Blevins
Posted 01/25/02 12:46 PST
Plastic Snap's
Hello Allied Signal Plastics has a snap fit design guide availab...
Posted 01/06/00 15:10 PST
Gear Design software.
Hello UTS has been delivering software solutions to the gear ind...
Posted 01/06/00 15:02 PST

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