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Basic Information
UserName: tony_g
Name: Tony Galarraga
Location: Campbell, CA
Occupation Assistant Director, Engineering
Specialty: structures, fluids, design modeling, astrophysics
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Posts by tony_g
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flow through orifice
Just wanted to make one comment here: it's very hard to get lami...
Posted 10/31/00 12:05 PST
I believe the pressure difference is very slight, much less than ...
Posted 10/25/00 11:27 PST
Hey this is a tough one. I looked through efunda and matweb and ...
Posted 10/25/00 11:09 PST
limit gages,theoretical aspects
Take a look at this webpage:
Posted 09/28/00 12:41 PST
stress analysis
Sounds like you are asking for alot!! Better get a book and read...
Posted 09/28/00 12:39 PST
Dimensions of rolls
I've read this question a few times now, and I still can't pictur...
Posted 09/21/00 16:29 PST
Conversion of Units, V/psi to bar/V
Perhaps calling it a "conversion", thereby implying equivalence, ...
Posted 09/19/00 14:14 PST
motores de combustiĆ³n interna; Internal Combustion Engines
Try looking for books under the spanish version of Barnes and Nob...
Posted 09/05/00 10:19 PST
CD Autorun
Put a batch file called "autorun.inf" on it that points to an exe...
Posted 08/04/00 12:07 PST
Welding pipe and forgings
Hey awol, As you know, welding is always a tricky process, and...
Posted 07/24/00 17:12 PST
Excel Spreadsheets for engineering calculations
I see that no-one has answered this one, so perhaps nobody has an...
Posted 06/29/00 19:33 PST
Quantitative determination of aluminum ions in water
When we needed to detect minute concentrations of metal ions in s...
Posted 06/29/00 19:08 PST
The Ammonia Messageboard Forum
Interesting website... Tony
Posted 05/25/00 10:44 PST
Automatic Mesh Generation
My suggestion would be to contact some of the FEA companies invol...
Posted 05/05/00 12:40 PST
semiconverters and choppers
Maybe it's just me, but my guess as to why noone has answered thi...
Posted 04/26/00 17:16 PST
Integration Part 2
What's confusing me on this question is that you have the variabl...
Posted 04/13/00 08:46 PST
Air Pollution Dispersion Modeling
Does this book discuss non-point source pollution, like cars and ...
Posted 04/11/00 11:29 PST
Depth of an area with kilogram?
Perhaps you mean to say, "depth of an area measured in kilograms,...
Posted 01/08/00 10:17 PST
Has anybody heard of a unit called snail?
I have heard of the "snail" unit too, and have wondered what it's...
Posted 12/16/99 10:41 PST

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