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Basic Information
UserName: wholloway
Name: Ward Holloway Jr.
Location: Barre, MA
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Specialty: Vibration, Automation
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Programs Used for Project Management
Check out this link. It may be larger ...
Posted 06/30/06 04:39 PST
ultimate tensile strenght for different corrosion rate
First you should check the for a change in tensile at 100 celsius...
Posted 06/30/04 09:36 PST
Help with PLC Programming
I have to agree, DirectSoft has a great manual for beginers. Also...
Posted 04/15/04 05:04 PST
Engineering Reference
Search under the heading of "four-bar linkage". There is a lot of...
Posted 04/12/04 09:30 PST
Engineering Reference
For a quick example look at the bucket end of a backhoe or excava...
Posted 04/08/04 08:06 PST
Damping coefficient
Friction and velocity. It works like a non-linear friction force....
Posted 09/22/03 12:34 PST
Forces for cold forming
The big problem when deforming material is that you are working b...
Posted 09/22/03 10:04 PST
Forces for cold forming
I have all the material specs and part geometry. We are using rol...
Posted 09/22/03 05:52 PST
Forces for cold forming
I am building a machine to cold roll a taper onto a .75 dia steel...
Posted 09/19/03 08:18 PST
Mechanical Vibrations Softwares Good Luck.
Posted 08/21/03 09:19 PST
Modified Go-kart
My uncle once took a VW Bug, stripped it, shortened the body by a...
Posted 08/21/03 09:16 PST
Temp. Vs. Horsepower
The amount of power an engine produces is a direct result of the ...
Posted 08/11/03 05:32 PST
What Programming Language is best for Mechanical Engineers?
Ahh yes, good old Fortran. I like Fortran. From what I have hear...
Posted 08/08/03 05:01 PST
Stress relief in a shaft
If sress if force over an area, then reducing the sress would red...
Posted 08/07/03 08:43 PST
Can you weld 2 opposite matl's together?
Have you looked into stir welding? This is a new process that cla...
Posted 04/17/03 11:53 PST

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