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Basic Information
UserName: wuby
Name: Joshua Woods
Location: Foster City, CA, USA
Occupation Engineering Manager
Specialty: Structural Dynamics, ProEngineer
Profile Summary
No profile summary on file.

Posts by wuby
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Very High Stress in Static analysis
Are you doing linear analysis or are you using non-linear element...
Posted 01/20/10 13:04 PST
simple confusing maths logic
Hello, You can only cancel terms when they are not zero. In th...
Posted 06/26/01 07:18 PST
laser drilling
Hello, I think that has a lot to do with the thickness, the ma...
Posted 09/15/00 09:54 PST
Conicity 2
Hello, From what I can recall, conicity, in the context of mec...
Posted 08/25/00 17:37 PST
Pressure in a sealed aluminum box
Hi rorschach, The expansion of the box lowering the measured p...
Posted 08/11/00 11:18 PST
Average Engineering Salaries
Hello rorschach, That is the same question we've been asking f...
Posted 08/11/00 11:10 PST
Hello Craig, As you have typed, the units are not compatible a...
Posted 06/07/00 15:09 PST
Electric motor HP mysteries, 3 phase from single phase, wood plan...
Bala, For most part I agree with what you said. But I have to ...
Posted 05/14/00 11:35 PST
Hello airish, I think the idea of using a knurl pin to increas...
Posted 05/09/00 19:09 PST
The relation between MW and AW
Hello mike, May I suggest that it was possibly a typo? If you ...
Posted 05/02/00 21:44 PST
The relation between MW and AW
Dear Mike, Could you please explain, again, what do you mean b...
Posted 04/29/00 15:22 PST
Hi gearloose, I think you are having too much fun ;=) Wuby
Posted 04/28/00 12:32 PST
hello rmorcone, I'm afraid that what you ask for is impossible...
Posted 04/27/00 20:48 PST
Choo-choo question
Hi art, Steam engines go backwards all the time. I agree with ...
Posted 04/27/00 17:01 PST
twin cams
Well, what about them? Can you be more specific what the message ...
Posted 04/26/00 20:29 PST
Spring Steel, DIN 17222 ?
Gearloose, you are DA the man!!!! Wuby
Posted 04/26/00 10:41 PST
Hi naresh, This one makes a good food for thought. But really,...
Posted 04/25/00 11:12 PST
Allowable floor induced vibration levels for office equipment
Hello Osz, I am not aware of any standards of this nature. The...
Posted 04/19/00 15:51 PST
Hi ferguscu, Have you tried eFunda's unit conversion calculato...
Posted 04/18/00 14:07 PST
Definition of Standard Temperature and Pressure
Well well well, since there are so many 'standards,' we don't rea...
Posted 04/12/00 14:49 PST
oil holes on piston
Hello amit81, I thought your question has been answered by Dr....
Posted 04/11/00 12:01 PST
Hello pilak, How can you suppose dx = m/dy ? Looks like your m...
Posted 04/08/00 09:16 PST
Finite Element Analysis
Hello, My personal experience with FEM is that if you want to ...
Posted 04/07/00 11:49 PST
spring constant
Hello bacsy, I think there's a simpler solution to this proble...
Posted 03/31/00 17:37 PST
how to convert PSIG into INWG (Control Valve)
Hello afs, Don't know the answer to your second question, but ...
Posted 03/16/00 08:12 PST
Ouch! That burns.
Yeah, I can testify that this phenomenon is also pronounced in my...
Posted 02/28/00 12:17 PST
Spinning ball
Since Dr. Funda brought out viscosity, I'd like to point out that...
Posted 02/24/00 09:53 PST
Acceleration of gravity
Sorry, I know this may not be relevant, but I've always been wond...
Posted 02/14/00 11:27 PST
physics problem
Hello nichold, the conversion is perfect, but cubic inch is not a...
Posted 02/14/00 07:42 PST
Galv. joist hanger corrosion
Just a note, you don't need low temperature to get condensation. ...
Posted 02/13/00 19:41 PST
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