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UserName: yesyouretheone
Name: Tan Chong Wan
Location: Sunningdale Singapore
Occupation Technical Machinist
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Building Gym Equipment for the feminine and petitey
Hi All I am contemplating of building gym equipment meant only...
Posted 06/01/05 17:53 PST
get start with ansys
Hi All I can't get started with sterling for the time being an...
Posted 05/30/05 16:28 PST
Wheel & Axle
Thank you, Art2000 for telling me about 555. (I think I'm right t...
Posted 05/24/05 21:11 PST
Wheel & Axle
Sam Yes, flywheel. By durns, I mean RPM. Help! My sterling...
Posted 05/24/05 21:06 PST
Wheel & Axle
Dear Dr Funda & staff As a shaft centre distribute stress even...
Posted 05/21/05 00:55 PST
Stirling engines
Thank you Art2000, I think it's for the redial button....and ever...
Posted 05/20/05 00:23 PST
Stirling engines
Taking a risk in being too prudent........ I'm of the opinion ...
Posted 05/20/05 00:20 PST
Home-made Giant batteries
Hi Just like you can type Oops in AutoCAD R14, if you wanna co...
Posted 05/03/05 16:34 PST
Join or joint, which need oiling?(oilling)
Dear Dr Funda & staff Please replace anyone(not everyone) of t...
Posted 03/30/05 23:12 PST
How efficient is iron smelting ?
I still think I am right. There's no Engineers' Day........
Posted 03/24/05 00:42 PST
Join or joint, which need oiling?(oilling)
He don't know anything. He's so ignorant until people spread red ...
Posted 03/21/05 15:45 PST
Join or joint, which need oiling?(oilling)
Join or joint, I pick the joint at RULA after engineering simulat...
Posted 03/20/05 19:46 PST
Join or joint, which need oiling?(oilling)
Dear Dr Funda & staff Is it true that fans used to leek oil? I...
Posted 03/17/05 16:02 PST
radio control
Posted 11/21/04 19:18 PST
I thought I can already
Eversince I've taken the hanphon apart, I thought I can already.....
Posted 11/04/04 00:45 PST
I want to undertake an fea course online
Posted 10/29/04 18:18 PST
EE question(filter design)
Dear Jbelle7435 I think that, although I am not very sure, tha...
Posted 09/22/04 17:01 PST
About Electronics
Electronics items consist of electronics components assembled tog...
Posted 09/13/04 19:18 PST
practical application of mohr circle
Dear Chandrans
Posted 09/06/04 18:25 PST
LazyBones Earpiece
Dear Dr Funda & staff Such ear-piece could receive audio from ...
Posted 08/06/04 18:42 PST walkers
Dear Dr Funda When round and round my mouse goes, will the cur...
Posted 08/05/04 00:46 PST
Right Hand Rule of Fleming
Dear Dr Funda & staff There is bound by no limits to apply Fle...
Posted 08/04/04 18:45 PST
Vibration isolation
With due respect to everyone here, this post has reminded me of s...
Posted 08/03/04 04:22 PST
High temperature and high pressure flowmeters
Dear Bill Stine 400C is really hot. At least I know it's much ...
Posted 07/26/04 20:13 PST
For your aspirations, for freedom.......
And this The previous po...
Posted 07/12/04 20:19 PST
For your aspirations, for freedom.......
Check this out for solutions to Kitchen Chemistry: http://www....
Posted 07/12/04 20:03 PST
For your aspirations, for freedom.......
To any aspire....... Please attempt to fill in the blanks for ...
Posted 07/12/04 01:36 PST
Impedance Matching
Dear Dr Funda & staff Perhaps I am not clear enough. Here is :...
Posted 06/10/04 19:48 PST
Impedance Matching
A transformer with a 3 ohm output and a 300 ohm input is right. T...
Posted 06/10/04 00:48 PST
Impedance Matching
Dear Dr Funda & staff May I know how do you go about matching ...
Posted 06/09/04 20:00 PST
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