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Basic Information
UserName: zapboy
Name: Jeff Dinges
Location: Atlanta, GA
Occupation Civil Engineer
Specialty: multidisciplinary
Profile Summary
I am a determined civil engineer
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civil engineering
I think that this site is more for mechanical.   If you...
Posted 01/29/09 08:35 PST
what are the hydrostatic law applications
Please elaborate with clear english and proper sentence structure...
Posted 01/29/09 08:32 PST
I would have guessed that the downstream slope of a dam would be ...
Posted 12/10/08 17:01 PST
is this how they built Stone Henge ?
The stone henge was built using pullys and levers.
Posted 03/26/07 20:17 PST
pipe costs
I don't think prices in China are the same as US.  And fyi, ...
Posted 03/20/07 08:49 PST
pipe costs
I'm just trying to figure out how much i just cost my client, and...
Posted 03/19/07 11:57 PST
pipe costs
How much does 16" DIP cost per linear foot?  i did a go...
Posted 03/19/07 11:34 PST
Analyzing the role of management in engineering
I haven't met too many engineering managers with any skill other ...
Posted 10/03/05 18:34 PST
Rotation as a vector
Although the reference frame has turned an angle, theta = (alpha,...
Posted 05/05/04 16:14 PST
Why common student do not like mathematics?
I have spent the day trying to figure this one out, valasai, and ...
Posted 02/27/04 14:55 PST
Bush's Mars Mission
NASA doesn't just sit around and wait and see what congress is go...
Posted 02/23/04 23:20 PST
Bush's Mars Mission
Hello everyone, I cancelled my cable so I don't know how much cov...
Posted 02/17/04 19:18 PST
And for anyone to infer that Microsoft's engineers would be cleve...
Posted 02/17/04 18:53 PST
yesyourtheone, If you are saying there is hidden code in the ...
Posted 02/17/04 18:19 PST
longevity of structural steel beams
The foundation design is the most cloudy area of expertise. Thin...
Posted 01/09/04 05:16 PST
longevity of structural steel beams
I think that there was more craftsmanship involved with the earli...
Posted 01/08/04 02:29 PST
allowable stresses for shaft materials
Antony, I suggest that you completely fill the shaft with concret...
Posted 01/08/04 02:22 PST
future of engineers
I just don't think that senior management in any company should w...
Posted 12/19/03 13:44 PST
future of engineers
This question I pose to all of you. I know that a lot of you on ...
Posted 12/18/03 14:04 PST
football propulsion
Posted 12/05/03 15:23 PST
football propulsion
The amount of force you need to throw a ball a certain distance d...
Posted 12/05/03 15:09 PST
liquid propulsion systems
Could anyone tell me what knowledge would be required to work in ...
Posted 10/04/03 06:20 PST
2nd moment of area, reference axis question
You are correct. The x-x axis is the major axis, and the y-y is ...
Posted 09/27/03 09:13 PST
let's define "Designer"
Yeah, I have heard that artists are now called designers also, so...
Posted 09/05/03 00:20 PST
what are some good noise suppressing materials ?
Have you tried ear plugs? I recomend placing generator on a co...
Posted 09/04/03 20:34 PST
Question on Pipe Contraction/expansion losses
It may depend, but from the 1981 American Society of Heating, Ref...
Posted 09/03/03 04:59 PST
experimental mechanics
I will say that its huge. One aspect of EM is structural health ...
Posted 08/24/03 15:12 PST
power grids and reliability.
What I don't get is why these power companies aren't liable for t...
Posted 08/23/03 01:28 PST
power grids and reliability.
A lot of researchers are blaming the distribution lines in Ohio a...
Posted 08/17/03 14:45 PST
Soil Reports
And bye the way, I appreciate your civil engineering related invo...
Posted 08/07/03 23:34 PST
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