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Author: rolschwarz
Time: 11/28/02 05:04 PST
This is a reply to message no. 10082 by mahoward
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AutoCAD vs. ProEng.
mahoward, you're the one who decided to make it personal.  Hey, sometimes threads go off on tangents.  Also, you haven't bothered to contribute any useful information.  You should be more careful and perhaps a little less ignorant in your use of slang.  "Get you rocks off" is a sexually suggestive phrase referring to ejaculation (which is enjoyable, no doubt).  See!  Now you've learned something new on the forum!

If you haven't noticed, I did take the time in this thread to explain Pro/E to one of our foreign colleagues (kssaravanan) who said he needed a more basic explanation (did your steel-trap mind and eagle eyes catch that? NO!)  I also recommended two very useful books, which I have used myself (yes, I do have extensive Pro/E experience, and have even written for Pro/E Magazine).  I am also familiar with the myopic view of 3D modeling that is endemic to the Pro/E user community at large.

gman535, our fine colleague who originated this thread, seems to be pleased with where it's headed.  So, why is it a problem to you?
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