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Author: afairchild
Time: 12/04/02 09:45 PST
This is a reply to message no. 10028 by gman535
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AutoCAD vs. ProEng.
I have some words of advice about using ProE vs. AutoCAD.  The decision on purchasing any software should be based on how it will be used.  I have work on several cad packages over the years, and the managers over my department have made many STUIPID!!! decisions.   First of all, how money does you have to spend. If you cannot afford all the modules in ProE that the sale demo used, don’t blame the software.  You should blame your boss for not buying all of the required modules.   The modules were created on the principle of allowing customers to buy the module they need.  One thing people who work with AutoCAD fail to understand when they bash ProE is the comparison of capabilities and usage.  I have use ProE since 1996, and I will be the first to admit that PTC likes to nickel and dime you.  Especially, when comes to getting the full potential out of their software.  They will want you to buy all of these extra modules for added capabilities; however, there are ways to work around the modules you don’t have.  They just cost your time and money to do them.  You have to find out which way is better for your company.  Another thing the current release of ProE has faults is the 2D drawing side, but ProE was not design to be a 2D package.  If you are only going to make 2D models and drawings, you should not buy ProE. It would be a complete waste of your money.  ProE was made to make 3D models with drawing associatively.  The primary advantage ProE has over AutoCAD is the complex 3D surfacing capabilities.  ProE allow draft and advance blends to be put in the part.   I have design and made Prototype parts and tooling for several years, and ProE was the only package that allows you to go from design to the creation of the tooling and machine parts without exporting out the files out to another system.  This “all in one” ability allows a huge cost savings when a change is required after the creation of the tooling has begun.  So, the molds, machine tool paths, and drawing would be updated automatically the next time the file were opened; however, if the change was drastic, some minor modification would be require to cover the changed areas.  Another advantage with having 3D models vs. 2D files is tooling, machining, and SLA can be created from the 3D models.  If you ever need a tool or prototype made, the cost of making 2D to 3D conversion would be required to make the part in today high tech. world.   It is getting to the point that 2D cad systems are becoming obsolete.  Just remember buy the software that fits your application. If your parts are always have simple shape, you should buy AutoCAD.  
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