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Author: casper911ca
Time: 04/05/06 12:51 PST
This is a reply to message no. 10028 by gman535
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AutoCAD vs. ProEng.

I realize that this about 4 years after the date this string was created....

 I am only experianced with AutoCAD. However, our Engineering prorgam here at UCI uses solid works. I looked through my roomates book to SolidWorks, I and I was dissappointed not to see anything resembeling a command line, a very fast and effecient feature of AutoCAD that very much increases productivity versus using GUI's and mouse clicks. I am not an experianced programmer, but anyone with experiance with the PYTHON prgramming language might be interested in this. There is FREE and OPEN SCOURCE 3D modeling program called Blender ( I found its user interface very fluid, fast and easy to pick up. And ,YES, it makes use of hot keys for many features, which once learned, increase productivity immencely. The PROBLEM lies in the fact that this program is more of an artistic tool, therefore there are no absolte coordinates, dimentioning tools or 2D features. BUT, this is where the  open source part comes in. Contributors are constantly and consistanly turning out plugins for Blender, and Blender itself has been evolving very very quickly. In capabilities, it is almost capable of matching quality and freatures of Professional programs such as MAYA and, from personal experiance, the program, I find, even better then Autodesk's 3DMAX.  I do believe that it would be possible to build off Blender's foundations, an absolute coordinate, 2D modeling, and dementioning system. I do relaize that as engineers, you guy/gals appreciate the more professonalism of an expersive and commercial product such as AutoCAD, PROE and SolidWorks, but I believe that since this program is indeed open source, it could perhaps pass up the other commercial products in features and capability if the Engineering world is willing to take this on. A powerful and fast tool like CAD could much better if it were in the hands of the Engineers that actually use it. P.S. Blender was originally created in the Linux environment, but because of the fact that its is open source, it has been ported to both Windows and Macintosh work environments, making this a very UNIVERSAL program. If any one decides to read this, please respond. I will probably create a new thread just so this is seen.

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