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Author: taurusthetenacious
Time: 12/18/02 17:41 PST
This is a reply to message no. 10229 by rorschach
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Grinding Tungsten
i was aware of it, i guess nothing we got could plasticize such a thing, i wasnt sure of the specifics, i was putting in an observation i had made that might have proven doable or not. i was aware of that but figured that the temperatures which it reaches in lightbulbs is not so high that it would surpass the heat that could be applied to it. i havent studied much materials science yet( i just finished my first course in chemistry) but i knew that fuels which are available do burn at rather high temperatures, but i suppose it would be unfeasible still because of the fact taht the heat would spread through the wire rather quickly. im surprized i forgot that tungsten was used for lightbulb filament( I knew that!) and didnt apply that into my thought process.
           as for tungsten carbide and pure tungsten, ur right, im totally clueless about their collective metallurgies. when i finish the second level of chemistry ill try to absorb the materials science parts of this great site here in greater depth, for now however i simply dont have the capability to absorb all of the information here without the tools i would acquire in such a course.
            your thoughts are noted, accepted and appreciated.
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