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Author: ddelaiar
Time: 02/07/03 09:05 PST
This is a reply to message no. 10530 by neil moran
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Press Fit Pressure
Thanks for all the help Neil,

I sat down with a large cup of coffe and some blank paper and just started to work it out, only referencing your notes when I got really stuck.  It makes perfect sense to me now.

I now have the breakaway torqued modeled as a function of the static COF and E_h (Modulus of the head).  Both of these are material properties associated with the head, so I should be good to go with deciding which material to use.  This is all assuming I have some magic breakaway torque to use.  I'm going to try and figure that out, but it may be tough.  I reall have no idea what the human hand can generate.

I just have one more question.  You assumed the head and shaft strains were the same.  Is this because the change in diameter was the same?  I'm not quite confident on that point.

Thanks again,

PS ~ I understand what you're saying about being in too deep.  time is my friend on that one...
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