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Author: ddelaiar
Time: 02/07/03 12:55 PST
This is a reply to message no. 10536 by neil moran
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Press Fit Pressure
It all makes sense now...thanks.

By the way, I did pick up on your mistake.  I double check the equation in my books, as I was not sure if you had the equation or numbers right (equations are not something I remember well off the top of my head).  

That is one thing I'm good at...making sure I follow equations (and understand where they come from) and making sure my units work out in the end.  carrying units through, while sometimes messy, has made my life easier more often than not.

Thanks again.  I'm not in the process of researching different polymers to see which will best fit my needs.

I appreciate all the help you've lent me.  The sad part is, it's nothing I really didn't know.  I've just been away from it long enough that I couldn't find the right direction.  I remember why I liked engineering again though because of this.

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