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Author: ddelaiar
Time: 02/26/03 10:04 PST
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Engineering vs. Sales
Here's an interesting dilema I ran into earlier this week:

The sales department was rewarded with a big breakfast and congratulations from the CEO and President due to the fact that they introduced a new product and absolutely ignited the marketplace with it.  While I'm happy for them because their success means my company's success - which leads to my success (financially) - I'm also pissed off.

I worked alongside a sales rep for a few monthes taking the project from concept to production.  While I was not the only one in R&D involved in this project, I helped out a lot.  So, when the product excels, it's Sales that gets the breakfast, pat on the back, and the bonus.  R&D gets squat.

Sometimes I think Sales and Upper Management need to be reminded that R&D doesn't work FOR Sales, they work WITH Sales.

I'm sure I'm not the only engineer to feel this way.  I'm also pretty sure that it's just a "cross you have to bear" as being an engineer.  It just ticks me off when a sleazy sales rep who really doesn't understand the product gets congratulated for selling the product when, in reality, it's your design and the great functionality of the product (all the engineer's doing) that sells it.

Just had to vent....sorry.
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