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Author: spike78
Time: 03/13/03 14:07 PST
This is a reply to message no. 10681 by ddelaiar
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Engineering vs. Sales
well according to the wonderful company that made me endure a whole day of "how to give a successful presentation" seminar, aparent engineers are a whole seperate sub-species of humans.

the seminar began with asking how many people in the room where engineers (only me) ,how many where from sales and marketing (every one else), then asking how many in the room had to give presentations to engineers (every body), managers (everybody) and to marketing people (everybody), the presenter then went on to say that since the group mainly presented to enginners and where mainly from market backgorunds that that was the problem that we would tackle, since engineers brain where made very diffrently from the rest of the groups brains.................engineers did things very diffrently and where completly unlike managers and sales people

meanwhile i was looking around trying to work out if i'd suddenly grown a tail or horns or somthing else that made me less human.

But unfortuantly he was proved right when we where given a whole lot of task which i found relativly easy yet nobody else seam able to complete..... maybe we are very diffrent and should be locked away from every one else

Oh and here's one to keep you guys amused

find a peice of rope, pick it up with one end in each hand, tie a normal simple knot in the rope WITHOUT letting go of the ends...... ENJOY
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