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Author: neil moran
Time: 03/14/03 01:36 PST
This is a reply to message no. 10681 by ddelaiar
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Engineering vs. Sales
I agree with everybody. Personnally, engineers, with their logically thinking minds, mathematical and creative design skills can lay their hand to just about any subject thrown at them and make a fair attempt at it. How many `other types` could say the same?

I think I may be sounding rather arrogant here, but try this thought - if there were no `arty farty types`, for instance (Ive just picked a `type` out of a hat), would the world actually be much different from what it is now. While I would agree, It would be a much poorer place if we had no `art and sculpture`and didn't paint our buildings atc. nice fancy colours blah, blah, blah, but I can't imagine it would be much different, just rather a dull place to live in.
Now, what would happen if there were no engineers in the world (or people that actually made `real`things with their hands) - we would still be living in the stone age !!!!

Yet, the masses and the media just love art and fashion and are totally obsessed with anyone who is a celebrity. I suspect, because all these subjects and more, are relatively straightforward and we all have an opinion on them. While, lets say, 90% of the population haven't got a clue about how to fix a car, or how to build a house, or how to engineer or design even the simplest of things and just seem unable, or unwilling to puzzle their way through it (its just to difficult for them). I don't know why, we all did science and maths at school, It wasn't that hard, yet somehow they have totally missed it.

My biggest gripe is that, these `other types`all seem to get the credit and recognition for their part, while the poor engineer virtually never even gets a mention in despaches, or even a credit at the bottom of the page. The world is rather unfair in this respect. But I still love my job and wouldn't change for anything.

I'll leave you with that thought!

Regards to all,
Neil Moran

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