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Author: pfeinstein
Time: 11/17/12 13:08 PST
This is a reply to message no. 10681 by ddelaiar
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Engineering vs. Sales

You have a valid point there, ddelaiar.  You might watn to talk to your upline about this, and help them measure success as the pooled efforts of all involved, unless the sales department did something really extraordinary with the product.  You've seen this done at restaurants, where the daily tip is split between waiters and kitchen staff.  Unless the tip is shared, the poor guy doing all the work putting the meal together get's cut out of the tip-chain, simply because s/he isn't visible to the customer.  Let us know how things go!


My interest is on duplex valves and other exotic alloy valves at The Alloy Valve Stockist, Barcelona, Spain.

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