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Author: thoughttrain
Time: 06/30/03 13:04 PST
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The other day during a long drive I decided that all matter came from the incident of a light particle running directly into another light particle(forget all that wave theory for a moment).  Now, if you use conservation of energy and assume that the two particle which were moving at c toward each other were motionless after the collision, and assume they each have a mass, m, then there total energy before and after the collision should be conserved.

energy of two light particles before collision (the some of there kinectic energies):  E=1/2mc*2 + 1/2 mc*2

energy after collision:
E=1/2mc*2 + 1/2mc*2

or: E=mc*2 (I'm a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  What does this all mean?
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