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Author: gerdb
Time: 07/02/03 21:07 PST
This is a reply to message no. 11545 by thoughttrain
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"Our theories are an extention of our imaginations, but are driven and prooven or disprooven by the observable, measurable, phenomenon around us.  Children are very imaginative but produce theories which are far from truths.  Theories must be grounded in true science."

You are stating here the common fallacy we all labor under, that true science exists objectively and independently from human existance. It doesn't, but we had better act as if it does, for the time being.

I believe it exists only in relationship "to" human existance, it being supported by higher powers for our edification "only", "until" we outgrow the need for it.

Take mathematics at its highes levels, expressed in calculus, our highest achievement at this time.

To build a matter/antimatter gravity propulsion system, we would have to go several layers of abstraction higher than calculus. Does true science of this sort already exist objectively and independently from humans?  lets say for arguments sake, there are no other civilizations out there that already have thi s sort of science.

No, it doesn't exist until we as humans have a need for "it" to be created and supported by higher forces, for us to fool with, temporarily. Therefore, true science doesn't exist independently of human need (to have such science created and supported). And those higher forces have a great tendency to fool us just a little bit as we go along, mocking us for the sake of plain old fun, just like a parent/child relationship requires.

It come down to the love of God for humans being the real underlying reality.

I am not trying to be religious/spiritual, only scientific-objective.

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