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Author: caroline7c
Time: 07/01/03 00:59 PST
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aluminum vs. steel in brake disc
Could someone give me the basics in beginning to analyze this?  I am just now taking thermo and haven't taken structures and properties of materials yet.

I know I need to know the conductivity within each of the metals and to the air (same or not the same?).  I need to figure out not just the melting point, but the temperature at which it begins to warp or fail in any way.  I couldn't find any properties other than for room temperature here or elsewhere.

I realize the question of a brake rotor has many other complicating effects with the rotation and forces applied by the pad, and probably other things i am too unlearned to realize!  I appreciate any advice as to what to neglect and to take into account.

Also, is there a simple answer to quantify the effects of anodizing and heat treating?

Thanks so much for any tips.
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