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Author: caroline7c
Time: 07/01/03 11:58 PST
This is a reply to message no. 11533 by gerdb
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aluminum vs. steel in brake disc
Thanks gerdb for the reply, its good to know how anodizing works.  I do understand the basics of the materials, but i am interested in a specific application, and the analysis by calculations and cad of these metal's properties.  

what are the key values for failure?  how does anodizing change the numbers?  i'm not worried about fatigue life for now.

actually numerous applications use aluminum brakes, such as sprint cars, which don't have to tolerate the same amount of heat like a truck!  I understand that aluminum has low heat tolerance (word?) - however, i don't know how to translate this into engineering...

Any numbers or formulas would be very much appreciated!
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