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Author: hammerpe
Time: 07/05/03 15:11 PST
This is a reply to message no. 11588 by caroline7c
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aluminum vs. steel in brake disc
Deconti Industries was a company that I worked with for MMC (Metal Matrix Composite) rotors their number is 860-225-0720. I haven't talked with them for several years so thats the last number I have for them.
A lathe can be used as a very rudimentary "brake dyno" it is good for benchmarking different rotor materials, shapes etc.. against each other. You can find the output torque of the lathe and use a setting that is close to a calculated torque for a certain deceleration of your vehicle. Then use different line pressures in the brake system until you are seeing reasonable temps.
If you are interested in using Titanium rotors they absolutely must be coated. Uncoated Ti rotors gall and once they do that they will wear brake pads out extremely quickly. For ceramic coated Ti rotors call Red Devil brakes 1-800-200-7172. The problem with Ti rotors is they they tend to put more heat into the pads/caliper.

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