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Author: zapboy
Time: 07/29/03 08:12 PST
This is a reply to message no. 11733 by ddelaiar
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Job Hunting Difficulties
I graduated from college and moved to Atlanta to start my first job, but they laid me off because they didn't understand why I didn't know how to do anything.  If I were you I'd be more focused on finding a company with people who respect communication and a comfortable workplace.  Ask at the interviewer whether they will be a real manager, and be direct.  A real manager takes responsibility.  

"Openness to the  outside world, tolerance for the entry of new individuals and ideas, and consequently a manifest ability to learn and adapt to new circumstances" are key characteristics found in long-lived organizations.

"Managers need to shift their priorities, from managing companies to optimize capital to managing companies to optimize people."
(Fritjof Capra, "The Hidden Connections")
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