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Author: acroduster1
Time: 08/08/03 19:39 PST
This is a reply to message no. 11821 by devitg
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Microsoft Excel is WRONG!!! Beware...
Ahhh, but you still have an error, Mr. devitg.

As I stated in my earlier post, negation is just multiplying by -1.  To break down your example:

-5*-5 can be written as

-1*5*-1*5 and does indeed equal 25.


-1*5^2  does not.  The 5^2 takes precedence according to the order of operations, then you multiply by -1 which gives the correct answer:  -25

Again, I ask you to check this on any mathematics program, in any algebra book or by talking to a good math teacher.  As I said before, if you are a premium member of this web site, you can use Mathematica to evaluate this one.  If you type in only -5^2, you get -25.  

Do you think a program written for mathematicians by mathematicians under a company run by Dr. Wolfram, the guy who had his PhD in theortical physics at age 20, would do it wrong, while the program from a dropout from Harvard would do it right?  Yes I know Bill can add - he's got billions - but his subtraction needs some work...

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