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Author: wholloway
Time: 08/08/03 05:01 PST
This is a reply to message no. 11801 by artsijan
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What Programming Language is best for Mechanical Engineers?
Ahh yes, good old Fortran. I like Fortran.
From what I have heard Fortran is taught in the mechanical engineering major because of its math capabilitys. Is this true? I don,t know. I think Fortran is still a great programming software to use if you need to create a standard calculator for your employer. I wrote programs that quickly determine natural frequency of supported cross section. The program would ask for Ixx and Iyy of the cross section and length ect. ect. I do believe there is a version of Visual Fortran. And there are some free compilers out there you can download.

Hope this helps.
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