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Author: rorschach
Time: 09/03/03 13:45 PST
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Poor Drafting Practices
We've all seen em. Drawings that are horrible, not just spelling errors but dimensioning to hidden lines or the view arrows point the wrong direction, or things like "in-line" or "min radius" that don't have a mathematical meaning or tolerance. Or lines that aren't straight or meet at corners (cad of course...) or dimensions that are "fudged" (again, cad...).
I blame much of this on two things. Engineers who only got a semester or two of Drafting courses trying to do a drafter's job or trying to define drafting standards for their company. Or, individuals that attended one of the many trade school courses in Autocad and got out into the drafting world only knowing how to operate Autocad but not knowing how to make a proper drawing.

Additionally I think the fact that the ANSI Y-14 series documents are not available at a reasonable cost is a contributing factor.

What is your least favorite stupid drafting trick? I'd like to start a compilation of everyone's least favorite drafting errors. I've listed a few of mine already. Hopefully others who read this compilation will take the hint and avoid these practices in the future.
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