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Author: rorschach
Time: 09/04/03 10:49 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12047 by rorschach
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Poor Drafting Practices
One other point acroduster touched on. How much time savings does CAD provide to the design process? It is my opinion that CAD does little for the first iteration of a design. Where CAD really shines is in the next iterations. The reason is that in the first iteration, most of the design process is wrapped up in concieving the design concept itself. And that is strictly a function of human thought, no CAD system is going to speed that part of the process up. But when it comes to re-using that design, where much of the work has already been done, CAD is invaluble. Getting that concept across to those who develop schedules or make headcount decisions in engineering however is virtually impossible at times. And that is partially our own fault by talking up the productivity gains that CAD provides. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't do this job if CAD wasn't available, but too many people have a malformed idea of where CAD helps and where it does not. If you are constantly designing new things and not reusing any of the intellectual capitol you've already invested in, then CAD is not going to help you very much.
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