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Author: jmiles
Time: 09/05/03 05:56 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12048 by rorschach
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Poor Drafting Practices
I am not sure if i totally agree with you, you need to do some kind of drawing or sketch to get an initial idea across, but if used for just a sketch CAD can be much faster than doing a rough sketch by hand. I know my fater is also an engineer, and he finds drawing things by hand to be faster, but for myself, in about the same time as he can sketch something simple by hand i can ahve a sketch done in CAD, and generally the CAD sketch will look much better.

The time saving aspects really depend on how well you use the tools you have, if you make an obscenely detailed drawing in CAD simply because you can when a sketch would have worked of course you are losing time, but if you are sensible it is a huge time saver.
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