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Author: alext
Time: 09/05/03 15:11 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12039 by rorschach
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Poor Drafting Practices
I remember my first job in the USA.
That was very successful machine shop at the time and I was working as a machinist. I asked my supervisor about my very first job: “ How come the drawing is not clear?” The answer was, because designers don’t want everybody to understand drawings. Only after working about 6 months I realized that wasn’t the case.
And later on, when little by little learning how to actually design and make drawings I realized how important it is to make right drawings. To me it’s like to be able to talk and be understood.
By the way in previous Soviet Union there was no drafters. There were people who designed and did all the drawings, and there were planers (that what I used to do there) who would create all process documentation and be the link between designers and the production floor.
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